How to choose satellite multiswitch for a villa?

My villa has 5 rooms on two floors. How can I watch TV in each room without disturbing each other? The satellite multiswitch is just the right choice!

A multiswitch is a device that is installed between the LNB and the satellite receiver. Any receiver in a multiswitch distribution system can switch the satellite polarization signal provided by the LNB via the multiswitch so that any receiver can access any channel broadcast by a given satellite without interfering with each other.

CLTSAT’s satellite multiswitch Model#CM58E, CM98E, CM138E, and even CM178E can meet the demand of watching TV in 5 rooms of your house (there are 3 output ports for backup), among which CM58E can receive all 4 signals of one satellite and terrestrial TV signals, CM98E can receive all signals of 2 satellites, CM138E can receive all signals of 3 satellites, CM178E can receive all signals of 4 satellites. You can buy the corresponding multi-switch according to your specific reception needs.

If you have similar satellite TV signal distribution needs or satellite multi-switch, please feel free to contact us!